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How To Get Alcohol Out Of Your System? The Fast & Effective Way

There are many remedies marketed as “hangover cures,” but none have much evidence to support their use. Resting can help your body to conserve energy and direct more of it toward metabolizing alcohol. Ultimately, sleeping it off and staying hydrated may be the best things that you can do to give your body the time […]

Alcohol Bloating: Face, Stomach, Weight Gain, and How to Get Rid of It

Patient IgE bound only the 10 kDa protein in beer and Malt, whereas a main 16 kDa protein was demonstrated in Barley in addition to a very faint 10 kDa protein band. The major Barley allergen, responsible for Baker’s asthma, is a 16 kDa Barley protein . Barley grain contains a protein that cross-reacts with […]